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I'm an author, digital marketer, growth hacker, speaker, entrepreneur and an immigrant.

More important than how I could be described, I live by the mission to leave every person a little better than I found them.


I wrote this book to supplement my lack of knowledge in marketing, especially as I was going into the field with no formal training. I mean, what good is a nutrition degree when I wanted to learn how to be a marketer? Through the process of writing this book I've learned so much and am now a marketer and growth hacker!


To learn the ropes I went and talked to all of the greatest marketing minds I could think of: Dennis Yu, Wendy Stevens, Steve Backcock, just to name a few. All of these marketers really illuminated 20 go-to principles that helped them be the best in the game. 


Anyone, seasoned marketing veteran or a newbie, can take these strategies and apply them to help yourself or your business. 

You can get the book here: 

I'm a relationship builder. That's why I fell in love with marketing, it's all about how we relate to each other and what we feel a connection to. The tricky part is making sure that feeling is communicated in a way that engages your audience. 

Relationships move me forward. As they've grown stronger, I've found myself as a part of many teams where I've been able to connect and create. Ultimately, it's these relationships that help me navigate the digital wild west through technology, social media, and branding for my clients.


Rome wasn't built in a day, and it wasn't built alone. 




Boundless Media was created to help small businesses find their footing in marketing by using my FDE (foundations, design, and execution) method. We know marketing can be out of reach for small businesses with high agency fees and intimidating processes- we are making marketing easy, accessible, and intuitive to understand your foundations, create a design and start executing!

interested in accessible and impactful social media marketing? 

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