I wrote this book to supplement my lack of knowledge in marketing, especially as I was going into the field with no formal training. I mean, what good is a nutrition degree when I wanted to learn how to be a marketer? 


To learn the ropes I went and talked to all of the greatest marketing minds I could think of. Dennis Yu, Wendy Stevens, Steve Backcock and so many more really illuminated 20 go-to principles that helped them be the best in the game. 


Anyone, seasoned marketing veteran or a newbie, can take these strategies and apply them to help yourself or your business. 


The book releases on July 27, 2019, but you can pre-order by sending an email to: nico@nicodebruyn.com

"We're All Marketers is one of those books that is packed from start to finish with such wisdom that I found myself often needing to pause after a page, passage or checklist to integrate his thoughts into my life. I found myself consistently saying, "YES!" as I read because the principles were both simplistic, easily implementable and impactful."

- DENNIS YU, CEO of BlitzMetrics

“We're All Marketers is a must-read, for anyone in a leadership role. Nico De Bruyn's elegant blueprint for change brilliantly explains principles that can empower us all to thrive in today's digitally connected ecosystem.”

- WILL PEMBLE, Author of Goal Boss: The Art & Science of Getting Stuff Done