• Nico De Bruyn

Digital imperialism

Not so long ago, there was a global race for territorial expansion. Countries like England, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and many more set off to expand their borders internationally.


Because it offered a competitive advantage to gain influence, resources, and power, today we are still in this imperial race, but instead of countries we have brands, and instead of colonies, we have social media.

The internet has significantly changed the global landscape of marketing. Much like the pre-imperialism age, before the internet there where a set of boundaries and accepted norms. The new world was yet to be discovered there was no need to push past the status quo. That changed with the discovery of new continents, lands untouched, and ready to be explored. The internet was that new world and much like the imperialism that followed, we are living in the imperialism of the internet.

So how does this relate to you and your brand?

Your website is your country. It is the one place on the internet that is entirely underneath your control. You make the rules, and you have the final say. “No one” can stop you.

The new territory is what has been created by social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Quora, Twitter. These platforms offer a new set of resources (which is attention) that is open to anyone who wishes to go after them. But In these platforms, you have little control over what happens because they might change the rules at any time. That means you have to exploit this abundance because it can go away at any moment and leave you in the dust and with sand in your hands instead of gold.

That is why I am pushing hard on social media while simultaneously building up my website.

Start today because the opportunity is ripe for the taking!

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