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Information is powerful, but often, it can be hard to find the right information that you need. One such struggle that I have personally faced as well as seen a lot of other content creators face is what are the best practices for subtitling videos. But why does it matter?

A post by summed it up perfectly when they said

"You’ve probably seen the widely circulated research that shows 85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound. But, did you also know that internal data collected by the social network showed that 76% of video ads need sound to be understood?"

Captioned videos are a competitive advantage on social platforms like Facebook and Linkedin, are they a complete need for viral success, probably not. But do they offer a different way for consumption, aka with no sound, a big YES. I know there are specific use cases and examples where none captioned videos convert much better but today's post will talk about the best ways to caption videos (if there is interest I will create content on when is the best time not to caption).

There are numerous ways to go about captioning video, from paid to none paid. I will address the ones that I personally use or have used, as well as my favorites.


One website that I have been using for a while is headliner. Headliner was one of the first websites I have tried and has been growing, both with users and offerings at a breakneck pace. The reason this website is "free" is because it offers 10 free videos that are captioned a month. Which is one hell of a deal for a content creator that is just getting started because they have a TON of features. As you can see they have recently added the progress bar feature which is super nice as well as offer different services for audiograms which is a bonus. But this website has some flaws. One of the biggest is that it says it can take .mov files which is ALL I use but since January I have been unable to upload that type of file, so I am forced to convert it over to a MP4 which can take a few minutes. Also the accuracy on this website is "low," at about 85-88%. What I know I have to edit a lot is the time stamp. This is something the website has to get better and even though it is easy to edit, it still takes time to go and do it.



Price: Start at $12 a month for up to 10 minutes, first month free

I was recently turned onto Quicc and have really loved the platform. One of the biggest selling points for the site is the simplicity of it and how fast the video is captioned. The overall process to be transpired is about 30-60 seconds and roughly a 95-97% accuracy with the transcription. I have to make about 2-3 edits on a minute video. Also I mean you can't beat this service when it comes to speed. This is by far one of the fastest services I have yet to use. This would be a great service for a content creator that is strapped for time and wants their videos done without too many bells and whistles. What I also love is that the time stamp is most of the time perfect, I have never had to change that which saves me a bunch of time. Also if you want to get the SRT file (the file of the transcription) you can do that right from the dashboard. The con is the price but you do pay for the all in one approach that I can say is a massive plus, especially as a solo marketer!

Here is the page with the transcription on the right

Here are the different styles that you can caption the video with


This is a new website for me and I was excited to try it. I had heard about it before but really never invested the needed time to play around and get to know the website. I was impressed with how clean it looked and even though the website had a note that captioning was in beta, I was really impressed with the accuracy of the video. From my understanding the website did not start with captioning and offers a bunch of different products that go along with content creation. Overall the editing was okay, there where quite a few options but nothing that blew my mind. The default wasn't the best because the text was way to big. Overall was good. But what got me was that all videos will be branded with the companies watermark. You can remove it for a one time price of $6.00 which is way too much, but the content creator option for $20.00 gives you unlimited videos which I really like a lot! But this would be for the content creator that is creating a lot more content and needs something that can handle that!

To edit you have to scroll down

Other options and summary

I am happy that there are beginning to be more and more options for content creators. There are a few different options, such as and that do offer transcriptions for cheaper but they only give you an SRT that has to be take to another website to be added to the video. Normally I would want a one stop shop but I did find an interesting loop hole that for now is what I want to use.

Option 1: Right now while and Temi. is in beta and it is free so I will be doing captioning with Temi ($0.10 x 30 minutes = $3.00) and uploading the SRT to ($0.00). This will be the cheapest option until beta goes away

Option 2: Quicc. One stop shop, fastest and most efficient but most expensive for 30 minutes at $30.00

Option 3: combination of ($12.95) and Temi ($0.10 x 30 minutes = $3.00) for all of my video subtitle needs. In this I would be spending the least and be fairly efficient.

This website generates SRT files that can be used to put into another video service (which I will explain in my strategy). The basic premise of this is to get the video captioned and then go back and edit it. The website works really well, is fast but like I mentioned, editing will have to be made. But they make it very easy because all guesses are highlighted.

Veed was an interesting find, it is much like headliner, but with a few more features such as paint and from what I can tell works a little faster than headliner. One big draw back is that there is no auto transcription feature for the captions!

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