• Nico De Bruyn

How to add captions directly on Linkedin

This post and the above video is about a little hack I found on LinkedIn where you can actually add a captioning to your video once you downloaded it from different websites.

Let me show you exactly how to do this.

To caption your videos go to a captioning service such as Temi or Rev, which if you need more information go to my last blog on how exactly this subject.

Log into Linkedin and go to the "Start a post" section.

Next, you want to move your cursor and press the video section, then select the video that you want to upload.

Once there you will get to the above screen and beautiful part about this is when you go to a little pen button. After clicking on the pen, there will be an option to add SRTs file to it.

Now it's time to upload that File, and as mentioned above there is a previous blog about this here.

Or follow their websites: = $0.10 a minute with a 90-95% accuracy = $1.00 a minute with a 95-97% accuracy

At this point, go to the download option and select the SRT option.

Then download said File and go back to Linkedin.

Add the regular was select File. Click on that. Go to whatever you have selected, press open, save it, and BOOM you are done!

Have the best day ever

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